Wickwood Art

September 28, 2018

From September 25th 2018 to February 9th 2019.

Discipline: Wickwood Art.


Having had a varied career working in theatre, television and film and most recently nearly ten years in an office environment, Caroline felt she needed to make a life change. She chose to pursue a new direction and revisit her creative side which had been hidden away for too long.  Initially she started working with driftwood and then realised she needed a larger 'canvas' and the main idea behind Wickwood Art was born.


Caroline uses reclaimed pallet wood as her canvas and creates unique, one off pieces that are carefully designed and planned around each recycled pallet, the type of wood and its size. Her pallets are sourced responsibly and are broken down with great care and then sanded by hand to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Each nail is hammered individually and the images are gradually built up by weaving the thread back and forth; a technique known as ‘string art’.


It brings Caroline so much joy to see the journey of each pallet as it transforms from an industrial object into a beautiful piece of contemporary wall art.



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