Gianluca's first Anniversary

December 11, 2016


London life goes so fast and a year already has passed. 11th December 2015 is when everything officially started.

Gianluca’s is a safe haven for everyone who still believes in some old life principles, just like us: passion, love, care, quality, family and happiness.

Strongly believing in the motto “you are what you eat”, together with a smile and a positive attitude, we want to (and we actually do) offer to our customers the best products and service on the market.

Our customers that in this, our first year, made me love my job even more. It’s great to have a laugh with them while the world passes by or to see somebody coming in “just to say hi” because they probably missed us in their long day at work. It’s a fantastic sensation that keeps me alive when someone pops in, make a joke and makes me laugh. You make my day.

What also really makes my days is my staff. It was very hard to find great people for a great shop but once you find them you would never let them go. Professional, passionate and funny, my staff have an extra gear that only we can see. I try my best to share and discuss everything with them, strategies, plans, goals and awards. Every award Gianluca’s received in this first year is thanks to all of us, all the energies and efforts that we put everyday. Only a real team could reach goals like “this is the best breakfast/coffee I had in a long time” or being voted as #1 coffee shop in Fulham (after just 10 months since we opened).

So our plan for a beautiful future is only to cultivate more what we’ve done until now, continuing to spread the voice of what we do and what we believe in as much as possible, trying to improve everyday to be able to deliver the best that we can to our superb clientele.


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