Orange marmalade

November 21, 2016


Part of a great family tradition is toast, butter and homemade jams and marmalades for breakfast. Every Sunday it was a must being the only day of the week when the family was together. Making marmalades is an art, not that easy. You'll definitely need high quality fruit, great recipes, a good eye and a lot of patience.  

Orange marmalade is something unique, both in taste and in preparation. It takes hours to prepare and just about 30 minutes to cook it. But the result is amazing.


What you will need:

-1 kg bitter oranges  

-600gms caster sugar

-2 lemons

-Orange liqueur



How to prepare it:


Peel all the oranges and remove all the white part from the skin. Cut the skin in very small pieces (pine needle size) and put it in a pot with boiling water for 10 minutes. After that repeat the procedure three times each time with fresh water. 


Remove the white part and the seeds from the oranges and cut them in small pieces.


How to cook it:


Place the oranges in a pot together with the sugar and the lemon juice.


When the sugar has melted add the orange skin.

The marmalade is ready when it becomes very dense if you place a small portion on a plate. It should not take too long, usually around 30 minutes.



Gianluca's secret:

add a spoonful of orange liqueur just before it is ready.

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