Panettone Selection for Christmas

November 11, 2016

 Panettone for Christmas is a real Italian tradition and so of course we have them. Pick one up from our wide selection and taste Italy at home.





Panettone Classic 29.5


Panettone Only Raisin 29.5


Panettone Chocolate 29.5


Panettone Chocolate and Coffee 29.5


Panettone Chocolate and Fig 29.5



We sell Panettone Giotto at Gianluca’s, which are hand made in the bakery of Padua’s Two Palaces prison.  This is under a scheme developed in 2005 by Officina Giotto, a non-profit organisation that arranges workshops to teach jailed people a job and help them reintegrate into society. 


The “jailhouse panettone” is sold in more than 200 shops in Italy and a handful of stores around the world. Last year, the prison bakery won a coveted "Best Patisserie" prize from Davide Paolini, also known as Gastronauta, one of the best known food critics in Italy. Only two percent of those who participated in the reintegration programme have re-offended after being released, which is a very small percentage compared to average re-offending rates.


The scheme has been so successful that it has inspired similar rehabilitation programmes in prisons in Brazil, Portugal, and recently Chicago. Bruno Abate, the Naples-born head chef and owner of Chicago's Tocco restaurant heard about the project and launched a scheme to help local prison inmates cook their way out of crime.


It is also very tasty and you know we never lie.


We believe we can make a better world starting from caring for small things in life and this is why we ask for your support for Giotto bakers, for a better world, for a better future.




Panettone Chocolate and Fig 32.5


Panettone Chocolate and Orange 32.5


Panettone Chocolate and Pear 32.5


Gran Pistacchio 34.5


Panettoncino Milano 4.45




Il Pandoro Tradizionale 24.5



Tre Marie is a paladin of Goodness of Milan, goodness that is associated with the values of the culture if the city, with the selection of top quality ingredients and with a meticulously slow process embodying precious know-how handed down from the past. It’s a goodness that’s tied to simple actions, such as the antique habit of cutting a cross (a sign of blessing) on bread before putting it in the oven. 


This is why the flavour of Tre Marie is an original flavour, because their products are the only ones still made where they originated centuries ago, in the heart of Milan. 



Panettone Classic 4.95



From 1932 today La Torinese has known how to conciliate past and present to the standard of an only fundamental value: 
the Quality.


For centuries on Turin they have known the cuisine of royalty, where chefs and confectioners created delights for banqueting nobles and kings. And in this town everyone tried to emulate the recipes, adapting them to the simple ingredients available to common people.


Thankfully, that is a land that is abound with great flavours.

Turin is surrounded by lands of great tastes: Langhe, Monferrato, Roero, with the truffles of Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato, all names held sacred by the experts of taste.


It is from these hills that they choose Piedmont hazelnuts, those identified by connoisseurs as the best in the world. They only use starter yeast and then special flour, to resist the slow processes required by the yeast. They are in daily contact with mills that they trust, in order to always have the perfect, freshly ground flour for every step of production.


Finally, they knead it all together with an ingredient that is only found in their own recipe: the passion and wisdom of those who make family goodness.




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