San Daniele D.O.P.

November 6, 2016


Born and raised in San Daniele, Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of the best places in Italy, food-wise, this very tasty and particular ham is part of a great tradition and is produced in one of the smallest prosciutto factories in the region. All prosciuttos are strictly of italian origin and are prepared by hand with passion and professionalism that originally inspired Rino Bagatto, owner and one of the founder of the San Daniele Prosciutto Association.


Made from a selection of the best and heaviest pork thighs, strictly from pigs of Italian origin. Its "sweetness" is born from the care of the workers' hands that gently spread salt on the hams. Aged between 17 and 18 months.









Scrambled eggs, San Daniele ham, avocado and parmesan cheese

Gianluca's charcuterie board

Sourdough panini:

-Gorgonzola mascarponato, fresh pear and San Daniele ham;

-Grilled aubergines, fresh mozzarella and San Daniele ham

Sourdough bruschettas:

-Somerset ricotta, wild rocket, figs and San Daniele ham;

-Grilled pumpkin, Burrata and San Daniele ham.

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