A Swedish Summer Time

August 2, 2016


From August 6th until August 25th 

Discipline: Photography

By: Alex Jenkinson


Alex has come to realise that experimental, creative and artistic photography is such a powerful drive in his life and holds such endless possibility; that creating and exhibiting work that inspires, educates, and provokes thought to the viewer, is a path which he passionately wishes to pursue.

He has been a professional chef since a young age, and is now translating that discipline and skill-set into creativity of a different kind. As well as composing interesting and visually pleasing series’ of images, he is looking to illustrate global, social and ecological issues through the power of photography, illuminating some of the concerns which we face as a society.

"I truly feel that I am at the beginning of a life long obsession with photography and all that can be achieved through the medium. This is only the beginning."



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