Our goal at Gianluca’s is to provide an out-of-this-world food and drinks experience, serving exclusively high-end products and working them in the best-known way while providing a very warm hospitality that makes people feel loved and appreciated.


Our core principles are an obsession for quality, a positive attitude towards learning and developing, a profound level of hospitality and a desire to gain new knowledge.


When looking for new talents to join our team, we base our recruitment process on the following skills:


A. Optimism

B. Intelligence

C. Work Ethic

D. Empathy

E. Self-awareness

F. Integrity


If you feel like you possess these and see yourself as someone passionate for the world of food, drinks and hospitality, then we highly recommend you to apply for a job at Gianluca’s.

Email us at along with your CV and an introduction of yourself.



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